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The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned

Today was a busy day for me, Valentine’s Day, of all days. I wished my husband “Happy Valentine’s Day” as I left for a 7:30am meeting. He, too, was leaving right after me. Some people say, “slow down”, ” you’re too busy”, “why work…

The Power of Friendship Women’s Conference

We are super excited about our 8th Annual Women’s Conference in San Diego, CA. This year it is on Saturday, March 9th…from 9am to 4pm celebrating the Power of Friendship. We’d love for you to join us. All of the details are at www.ThePowerofFriendshipConference.com….

Kicking Off 2013 with New Seminar

Today on our radio program (www.TheWay4Today.com), Tonilee and I interviewed the CEO of oDesk.com, the world’s largest online employer. It was a very cool and amazing opportunity to speak with Gary Swart and hear his story. www.oDesk.com currently has over 1.2 million contractors across…

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