The Secret of Success

I’ve read countless numbers of books on “Success” and all of its descriptions. There are a myriad of opinions on “success” and how one achieves it. Personally, I believe success is defined and measured individually, as each person has a different and unique perspective. What is success? How do you measure your success? Do you consider yourself successful?

For some, money means success. For others, success is being independent, the business owner…the car, the house, the affluence. I think a big part of this identity stems from our society, Hollywood, Wall Street and the generation of entitlement. Does success mean happiness, freedom, peace…? Is there a “secret” to success?

In my 20’s, I worked hard to be my definition of successful: the young, upwardly mobile or “yuppie” was my example. I read the books, listened to the tapes and attended the seminars. In my 30’s, success meant reaching a place of status, having worked hard to earn the position. To be honest, internally I was miserable, unhappy and burned out. On the outside, I looked the part…on the inside, I was falling apart.

Today, I have an entirely different view of success. I still have the ambition, the motivation and yes, even the anxiety, but I have learned something that I consider to be very valuable on the path to “success”. I get up everyday and try to do my best. Most days I focus on putting one foot in front of the other. I have learned that it does me no good to try to put 10 feet in front of the one foot. It doesn’t work.  I have learned that success is not and should not be measured by status in comparison to others.

The secret of success for me is persevering…enduring…putting one foot in front of the other, day by day. In business, in relationships, in everything…one step at a time, day by day. Trials and tribulations come and sometimes the circumstances threaten to take us out. Even if we have to re-direct our steps, revise our goals or even take a break, those decisions are evidence of “success”. Just don’t give up, don’t quit and don’t let anyone or anything have the power to rob you of your dreams and visions.

The Secret of Success? Everyday, you get up and keep going. That’s success! Enjoy your successful day.

Bobbye Brooks

The Rise and Power of Smart Phones

The iPhone 5 made its debut this week to one of the most massive launches in history. Smart Phones are exponentially increasing in sales throughout the world. Our lives seem at times to be compacted into these handheld electronic devices.  “By next Friday, the iPhone 5 will be in 31 countries, and will be in 100 by the end of the calendar year. That would be 30 more than the rollout of the predecessor phone, the 4S, over a similar period, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek calculated.” (CNBC)

Faster, thinner, and more memory…the iPhone 5 is touted as the fastest smart phone in the world. The Android is no slouch. It is a powerhouse in its own right and has legions of loyal users. The Android and iPhone comprise 85% of the smart phone market. I used to be a Verizon Blackberry fan, not wanting to go the iPhone route. But, in January of 2012, I made the switch to iPhone 4S. My first thought was, “why did I wait so long?” I was hooked and I still am. I love the Apps, the functions and the “power”. It’s sick and crazy…and it’s not going away.

Owning Media 4 Women Enterprises gives me great reasons to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies. I can justify new gadgets and toys, all for the sake of improving my business. Though I do love the technology, it is also a critical component of staying up to date. Honestly, I consult with so many businesses and business owners who are struggling and fearful of keeping up. It’s a tough place to be and a valid concern in today’s marketplace. There is a difference in businesses who use smart phones and their accessories versus those who do not. Is your website mobile? Makes a difference, believe me.

The power of smart phones is a growing global phenomenon. There are predictions that are life-changing, literally. Apps could replace websites. Mobile purchases will reach the billions. Mobile ads will drive us crazy on our screens. Mobile marketing will be a must have for businesses. By 2015, we could be conducting most of our life’s activities via our handheld devices.

Is your business ready for the next steps? Are you ready?


Can you really make money online?

On an average day, I receive about 20 emails from companies and people trying to sell me something. You probably receive similar types of emails. Most of us either hit delete or the message goes straight to our Spam or Junk folder. It can be quite annoying. However, I also understand and appreciate those who are using the Internet for e-commerce opportunities. Personally, I believe there is a “right” way to communicate and promote your business online. It is a very delicate balance between advertising with taste and consistency versus blatant, obnoxious ads that pop up everywhere. We have learned to tune most of them out, which hurts legitimate businesses who are also trying to get our attention.

Can a business really make money online? Can a person actually stay at home and make extra income using their computer? If we are tuning out the ads or ignoring the promotions, how does this really work for those who want to start something new and fresh? Or, who are trying to promote their existing business online. My answer is “yes”. There are tremendous opportunities for anyone at any level of knowledge to actually make some extra money using the Internet and a computer. As I said, I believe there is a “right” way to conduct business online, a way that is honest, ethical and transparent. In my opinion, there are no get-rich-quick schemes that work. I wish there were, but I have yet to find them. But, an online business that is well planned and with some persistence can be a very successful venture.

I started down a path a little over 2 years ago, somewhat anonymously, learning tools of online marketing. I can honestly say that it works, with the right training and methods. It has become a passion of mine to help women learn how to start their own business or at the least, learn how to use the Internet in a positive way. I have been writing and teaching about this for awhile and the more I learn, the more I want to share. It is exciting and fun…why not enjoy learning new things, especially when you can see the results financially.

I am teaching a new seminar, the first one I have ever done on the tools to make money online. It is not just starting a business; it is about how to earn some extra income. Plus, the seminar includes a lot of online marketing tools and tips. You can register HERE if interested. I see so many people who are struggling and need encouragement. Don’t every give up…keep going. Bobbye Brooks