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The Secret of Success

I’ve read countless numbers of books on “Success” and all of its descriptions. There are a myriad of opinions on “success” and how one achieves it. Personally, I believe success is defined and measured individually, as each person has a different and unique perspective….

The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned

Today was a busy day for me, Valentine’s Day, of all days. I wished my husband “Happy Valentine’s Day” as I left for a 7:30am meeting. He, too, was leaving right after me. Some people say, “slow down”, ” you’re too busy”, “why work…

Kicking Off 2013 with New Seminar

Today on our radio program (www.TheWay4Today.com), Tonilee and I interviewed the CEO of oDesk.com, the world’s largest online employer. It was a very cool and amazing opportunity to speak with Gary Swart and hear his story. www.oDesk.com currently has over 1.2 million contractors across…

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