Tag: how to make money online

Tag: how to make money online

Women on the Move

Last week, I held a 3 hour seminar called “How to Make Money Online” and everyone who attended or wanted the video was a woman who is ready to move forward. From a hairdresser to a grandmother, the group was making a statement. It is time for women to step forward and take control of their financial futures. Personally, I am jazzed as I see them get excited to learn and to keep the momentum going. You can do it! Just don’t give up trying and keep taking one more step forward. Women are on the move.

I want to help those who are willing to learn and to grow.  I have learned more than I could imagine about the online world of Internet marketing. It truly has changed my perspective on so many things in my life. The more I learn, the more I believe that I can do more. Over 90% of new businesses do not make it the first year. Why? The number one reason is: lack of knowledge. As women, who is going to teach us? We need to a different type of teacher and trainer and we need a lot of reinforcement. But, once we get it…we get going.

If you want to join the mission and be a woman on the move, I invite you to join our membership program which will start your path of knowledge, learning and financial independence. It is the place where I can help you grow and succeed. Check out www.Media4WomenMembership.com for more information. You can order the “How to Make Money Online” Seminar DVD or online here.


Something I Am Checking Out…

I must admit it. I am an online fanatic. I spend as much time as I can studying the Internet marketing and online activities. One reason I do this is to keep up with Google and Facebook changes. Running a media and marketing company requires an intense attention to changes that can affect our clients marketing results. Most everything I learn I can apply to help our clients grow their businesses successfully and profitably. For fun, though, I am addicted to learning how to actually sell other people’s products or services online.

I love the Traffic Geyser team. They have basically taught me most of what I know today. Traffic Geyser really helped start our Media 4 Women business. Last month, our business was featured in their newsletter.  I also appreciate some of the other guys out there who are credible, good teachers and proven successful. The latest guy I am checking out is Anthony Morrison. He has an interesting video out that shows him visiting people’s houses in person to help them. His program is also super cheap to try, so I am testing it out. Will post updates later. Click Here!

Be sure and sign up for our upcoming seminar on Thursday May 17 from 6pm to 9pm pst. We are video taping the seminar, so if you miss it, just order the video. I will be teaching and training you how to make some extra money just using your computer and an Internet connection. It works if you learn HOW to do a few things effectively. Check it out HERE.

To your success…Bobbye Brooks

Can you really make money online?

On an average day, I receive about 20 emails from companies and people trying to sell me something. You probably receive similar types of emails. Most of us either hit delete or the message goes straight to our Spam or Junk folder. It can be quite annoying. However, I also understand and appreciate those who are using the Internet for e-commerce opportunities. Personally, I believe there is a “right” way to communicate and promote your business online. It is a very delicate balance between advertising with taste and consistency versus blatant, obnoxious ads that pop up everywhere. We have learned to tune most of them out, which hurts legitimate businesses who are also trying to get our attention.

Can a business really make money online? Can a person actually stay at home and make extra income using their computer? If we are tuning out the ads or ignoring the promotions, how does this really work for those who want to start something new and fresh? Or, who are trying to promote their existing business online. My answer is “yes”. There are tremendous opportunities for anyone at any level of knowledge to actually make some extra money using the Internet and a computer. As I said, I believe there is a “right” way to conduct business online, a way that is honest, ethical and transparent. In my opinion, there are no get-rich-quick schemes that work. I wish there were, but I have yet to find them. But, an online business that is well planned and with some persistence can be a very successful venture.

I started down a path a little over 2 years ago, somewhat anonymously, learning tools of online marketing. I can honestly say that it works, with the right training and methods. It has become a passion of mine to help women learn how to start their own business or at the least, learn how to use the Internet in a positive way. I have been writing and teaching about this for awhile and the more I learn, the more I want to share. It is exciting and fun…why not enjoy learning new things, especially when you can see the results financially.

I am teaching a new seminar, the first one I have ever done on the tools to make money online. It is not just starting a business; it is about how to earn some extra income. Plus, the seminar includes a lot of online marketing tools and tips. You can register HERE if interested. I see so many people who are struggling and need encouragement. Don’t every give up…keep going. Bobbye Brooks

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