Mastermind Academy 


 The goal for the Master Mind Academy is centered around the opportunity for anyone at any age or stage of life, can find something new, exciting and most of all, something that can be pursued at their own pace.

Everyone tends to work at different speeds, and as life happens, we can find ourselves changing the pace at which we want to accomplish certain tasks. The Master Mind Academy is designed to allow, as well as encourage, you to keep moving forward. You are never behind because you continue to determine the pace and timing.


  • You Select Your Type of Membership
    • Beginning in January 2020, the Master Mind Academy is offering a BASIC PACKAGE for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in learning the Basics of Business, Financials, Marketing, Sales, and Personnel.
    • You Can Test the Memberships with $1 first month preview
  • Upon Selecting Your Type of Membership
    • Just Click the Box and Follow the Instructions
    • You are able to set up a secure “login”, just for just for YOU
    • You will have your own personal, secure login
    • Username and Password will be unique to YOU only
    • You will create both, username and password, for your own personal login
  • Next Steps
    • You will receive a confirmation email of which you will respond by clicking the link to accept your participation (opt-in approval)
    • You can login at any time and will have access to your personal “dashboard”
    • Your Dashboard is private and created by you and for your learning pathway
    • Everyone in the Premium and Exclusive memberships have immediate access to support: of most any type.
  • Video Tutorials
    • Everyone is encouraged to watch the VIDEO tutorials that explain and show you all of the necessary information on “HOW THE MASTER MIND ACADEMY” applies to your situation.