Life Casting: Time to Plan-Prepare-Prosper

Last week I spoke at 3 different events and met some incredible people. Men and women alike who were gifted, intelligent and well-rounded. People who were wise and wanting more. I chatted one-on-one with several people after the events and discovered that most everyone had something in common…they wanted to learn, to grow, to achieve. The primary age group? Women over 40. We all have a lot in common in this age group and up. We grew up with an Apple being a fruit. Our phones hung on a wall or sat on a table. Computers were held in large rooms with vented floors, at least the ones we saw on television. And, “instant messaging” involved our mothers instantly making their point to us, usually in a loud voice.

So, how do we begin to understand this new world of technology? There is no handbook, at least not in a language that makes sense. Our kids and grandkids are growing up in a completely different era, light years from where we came from. How do we bridge the gap? It’s interesting that the most prominent group on Facebook is women from the ages of 40 and up. It’s only taken us 10 years to learn how to post a photo of our kids, grandkids, cats, dogs and casseroles. And guess what? Our kids have left Facebook and moved on to Twitter and Instagram!

Sadly, social media and technology are not just for social entertainment anymore. They are an absolute necessity for productivity and success. On a positive note, this is the greatest time in all of history to create, build and fulfill our life’s dreams. All of these gadgets used by our fingertips can be used for massive prosperity. Why is it that we have not taken advantage of this incredible opportunity? Because in some strange, subtle way, we have been “dumbed down”, playing games, posting photos and wasting a lot of time on nothing. What if your entire life could change with a little training, strategic planning and more productive use of time. All you need to get started is a computer and a desire to learn.

What if I told you that you could have a completely different quality of life doing what you love and what you are gifted to do? If your first thought is “that’s impossible”, then you need a change of attitude. The only thing that keeps us down is FEAR. Everything negative usually involves some level of fear, doubt, insecurity…the “I can’t do it” mentality. I’m telling you that you CAN DO IT. The question you have to answer is, Do You Want To? Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, background, education…no excuses, if you are willing to learn, then you can start living a life of fulfillment. It’s all at your fingertips.

I have a long story of my own journey. I bet you have a story too. But, it’s not over yet. Maybe it’s time for the next chapter, a new chapter. I’m starting several classes, seminars, videos, books and conferences that are designed to help those of you who want MORE from life.  I’m going to show you how to do things that you never thought possible. I’m going to teach you the basics to the advanced levels of using today’s technologies to change your life. I’m going to train you to step by step in a program that I am calling “Life Casting: Plan-Prepare-Prosper”.

Stay tuned for updates and events. If you’d like to contribute or participate, please let me know. My email is

Don’t ever give up. Keep your dreams alive. I’ll be in touch soon.

The Secret of Success

I’ve read countless numbers of books on “Success” and all of its descriptions. There are a myriad of opinions on “success” and how one achieves it. Personally, I believe success is defined and measured individually, as each person has a different and unique perspective. What is success? How do you measure your success? Do you consider yourself successful?

For some, money means success. For others, success is being independent, the business owner…the car, the house, the affluence. I think a big part of this identity stems from our society, Hollywood, Wall Street and the generation of entitlement. Does success mean happiness, freedom, peace…? Is there a “secret” to success?

In my 20’s, I worked hard to be my definition of successful: the young, upwardly mobile or “yuppie” was my example. I read the books, listened to the tapes and attended the seminars. In my 30’s, success meant reaching a place of status, having worked hard to earn the position. To be honest, internally I was miserable, unhappy and burned out. On the outside, I looked the part…on the inside, I was falling apart.

Today, I have an entirely different view of success. I still have the ambition, the motivation and yes, even the anxiety, but I have learned something that I consider to be very valuable on the path to “success”. I get up everyday and try to do my best. Most days I focus on putting one foot in front of the other. I have learned that it does me no good to try to put 10 feet in front of the one foot. It doesn’t work.  I have learned that success is not and should not be measured by status in comparison to others.

The secret of success for me is persevering…enduring…putting one foot in front of the other, day by day. In business, in relationships, in everything…one step at a time, day by day. Trials and tribulations come and sometimes the circumstances threaten to take us out. Even if we have to re-direct our steps, revise our goals or even take a break, those decisions are evidence of “success”. Just don’t give up, don’t quit and don’t let anyone or anything have the power to rob you of your dreams and visions.

The Secret of Success? Everyday, you get up and keep going. That’s success! Enjoy your successful day.

Bobbye Brooks

The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned

Today was a busy day for me, Valentine’s Day, of all days. I wished my husband “Happy Valentine’s Day” as I left for a 7:30am meeting. He, too, was leaving right after me. Some people say, “slow down”, ” you’re too busy”, “why work so hard”…and my favorite, “is it really worth it?” I am the first to admit that my “life” is not for everyone. Yes, I am busy. Yes, I know I need to slow down. Yes, I probably work too hard. And, YES, it really is worth it. One of the absolute BIGGEST lessons I have learned in my life is to NEVER QUIT. Keep going and keep moving forward. In the Bible, Paul says to run the race with endurance and to keep the faith until the end. Endurance is not easy and sometimes the days are long but it is so worth it when you look back see the ground that you have been tilling/planting/nurturing is now growing a bountiful crop. That’s awesome.

The other thing I have learned is that the world is full of negative “nay sayers” who challenge and question things that are usually none of their business. That’s okay with me and to be honest, I do try to listen and glean from any wisdom I can from those who are a lot smarter than me. But, at the end of the day, the turtle does win the race. Just keep going…step by step.. baby steps are okay.

About 8 years ago, I convinced Tonilee to put on a women’s conference with me. She hated the idea…I mean really hated it. After a “message from God” (literally), she finally agreed. It was difficult to say the least. If I knew then what I know now, I would have never done it. I was younger and naive. Somehow, some way, every year, we found the courage (lapses of memory) to do this event again and again. It was painful at times, for lots of reasons and every year, I swore it would be the last. But, another lapse of memory would come and here we would go again. Now, in 2013…we are doing #8, out 8th annual women’s conference. Somewhere around year 6, the crowds started coming. Wow…I thought…something has changed. And then I realized what changed, we had tilled the ground, planted the seeds (every year) and kept working the crop…year after year. This past month, we have contacted about 250 churches in San Diego who have requested our cards and information about the event. When we first started, they would ask, “Bobbye and Tonilee who?” It took time to introduce ourselves to them…some how, some way…we NEVER GAVE UP.

About 4 years, I convinced Tonilee to form a new company with me called Media 4 Women (starting to sound familiar). She wasn’t so keen on the idea, maybe didn’t hate it but didn’t like it. Who are we to start a media and marketing company? Boy, did we get the comments on that decision. Lots of opinions and many of them were not so positive. Some how, some way…through difficult challenges and long days…we have built an amazing “little” company. We have helped start dozens of new businesses and have worked with amazing businesses and individuals across the country. I cannot believe all that I have learned in the world of Internet marketing and online social media marketing, to the point that I love helping people learn how use the online tools for themselves. The power of life is in knowledge. The Bible says that My people perish for lack of knowledge. We need to keep learning, keep growing and keep going. NEVER QUIT.

One more example. About 10 years ago, Tonilee and I started writing Daily Devotionals. Guess what? People told us that we would never keep it up. Why bother? 10 years later, these devotionals all over the world. They go out daily via emails. We have a daily devotional app. We have a daily devotional book. And, the devotionals are on numerous websites including and NEVER QUIT.

Please do not allow others to discourage you or hinder your dreams. You are the only one can quit. There is 100% failure rate if you quit. Keep going. My day today was amazing and as I prepare for our weekly Bible study, I truly thank God for His faithfulness and guidance in my life. He makes it worth while and He has plan for all of us. We just have to keep the faith and NEVER QUIT.


Bobbye Brooks