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Traditional Education Versus Online E-Learning Methods: Which Is Better?

Have you considered going back to school? If so, are you considering an “Online Course” versus a campus classroom setting? There has been an ongoing debate over the past few years related to the quality of virtual, online courses. The statistics are proving a…

The Secret of Success

I’ve read countless numbers of books on “Success” and all of its descriptions. There are a myriad of opinions on “success” and how one achieves it. Personally, I believe success is defined and measured individually, as each person has a different and unique perspective….

The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned

Today was a busy day for me, Valentine’s Day, of all days. I wished my husband “Happy Valentine’s Day” as I left for a 7:30am meeting. He, too, was leaving right after me. Some people say, “slow down”, ” you’re too busy”, “why work…

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