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I have been a "serial" Entrepreneur since 2002, helping startups in all industries, including the NonProfit sector. I offer a variety of services, from assessment tools to growth strategies, business plans and career advice. Clients include new business startups to Fortune 500 corporations. I love collaborating with professionals and diversifying their options to achieve their goals. As a certified and credentialed Business Analyst from the Harvard Business Program, my areas of expertise continue to evolve with the world of "Big Data," igniting my passion to provide analysis/assessment reports that business owners can use to improve their financial results, strategic plans, and measurable ROI for greater sustainability and profitability.

Began corporate career in Executive Management in healthcare and multi-site clinical laboratories, overseeing Operations, managing hundreds of employees, developing cross-functional leaders and teams, and ensuring Compliance Standards (SOPs) for Quality Control.

Completed Executive MBA with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial startups; co-founded 3 corporations, using Strategic Business Plans, Forecast Planning, Market Research, and Brand Equity campaigns.

Certified and Credentialed as a Business Analyst from Harvard Business School, expanding my business services in consulting, creating data analysis reports for companies of any size and industry, and increasing the invaluable knowledge in predictability methods and statistical data metrics, necessary for the future of business intelligence, measuring ROI, and developing accurate budgets for sales, profits.

Co-Founded Non-Profit, 501c3 corporation in 2002, specifically designed to help women in all areas of life; started "live" broadcasting Online, teaching Discipleship programs, classes (life skills), and hosting women's events across the United States; produced radio and tv shows, published books and workbooks, and created a global community for women to interact and support each other, working with hundreds of volunteers in a variety of environments.

Co-Founded a Marketing and Media corporation (For-Profit) in 2008 designed to encourage, empower, and educate women/men to learn the opportunities in entrepreneurship, brand development, book publishing, marketing, new technologies (for business or ministry/nonprofit), and networking. Helped launch hundreds of new businesses across all types of industries.

Founded the MasterMind Academy as a unique, multi-faceted Online Training platform, offering an array of classes from experienced Instructors.

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