Going Places You’ve Never Dreamed!

Media 4 Women has been an incredible journey for me and Tonilee. A little company we started in 2008 has grown and matured through a tremendous amount of hard work, admitted mistakes and a long list of learning experiences. Today, Monday August 3, 2015, we find ourselves in Prague and then onto to Vienna on Wednesday. Media 4 Women is one of a group of elite guests invited by our San Diego ABC News station (ABC 10 News) to be on an amazing trip to a part of the world I might never see otherwise. I never dreamed back in 2008-2009 that Media 4 Women would ever be in such a position, as we are today. We are on this trip due to a partnership we have with ABC 10 News San Diego and LEAD San Diego for the monthly Leadership Awards. We are one of the leading Entrepreneur businesses for helping women start and run their own companies. It’s a great honor.

You just never know where life’s journey will take you but don’t ever give up on your dreams. As we begin our day here in Prague, I am reminded of the power of hope and the will to never give up. Keep dreaming, keep going and keep believing.


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