I Didn’t See This Coming…

Have you ever had something happen that caught you off guard? I guess that’s a “duh” question; everyone has experienced a moment or change in life that they didn’t see coming. For me, it seems this past year has been a zinger of those moments. As a Christian, I pray, I read the Bible and I’d like to think that I have a little insight into what’s changing in my life. But, I have been wrong or blind…and I’ve relinquished my wants and desires to whatever God wants to do.

So, what I am talking about? Here’s a little background information about me. I love business, marketing, entrepreneurship and helping others get started in their own business. In 1998, my husband, Tom, and I started a company called Cornerstone Commercial Construction, a dba for the parent company, Cornerstone Managing Partners. It’s a great family-owned construction company. I came in and out of it, helping as needed but never was that involved with the operations. Tom is the sales, management and face of Cornerstone and he’s great at it.

In 2003, I co-founded Daily Disciples Ministries, Inc. with Tonilee Adamson, a women’s non-profit that I love and have devoted years of time and resources to serve God and women all over the world. It’s a mission, a passion and a “calling”. Then, in 2009, I co-founded another company called Media 4 Women Enterprises, dba Media 4 Women. This little business was designed to be a resource for women entrepreneurs. I am a techno geek. I love online marketing, social media, websites, video production…and teaching others how to use it all for their personal mission or dreams.

For the past 10 years, I have been busy…really busy running 2 very active businesses. Cornerstone, in the meantime, has slowly and steadily been growing. This year, Cornerstone has exploded with new business. I knew it but I didn’t see what was heading my way. Deep down in the core of my being, I love business. It doesn’t really matter what type…I just thrive on working with operations, finance and marketing. And, here before my eyes, Cornerstone (the company my husband runs) is calling my name. Tom kept saying, “you need to consider running Cornerstone”. I just shrugged it off.

Then, one morning, I stopped long enough to pray about it. Really? Cornerstone? Don’t I have enough on my plate? Isn’t this Tom’s company? I don’t know anything about construction or consulting on these types of projects. The answer was clear, loud and inescapable. I am to get involved…be the CEO; be a full active partner with Tom. With a huge project on the calendar, Cornerstone was in a position to thrive, an answer to prayer. I’ve been praying for years about the success, finances and growth of Cornerstone. I’ve prayed for my husband, his clients, and his ability to run the company. God answered my prayers…I didn’t see the answer He was giving me. The answer involved me!

I went on a retreat for a few days. I kept praying. I already knew the answer. I was to go to Cornerstone and begin a new job. How am I going to do all of this? Well, it’s been a month and I’m taking one day at a time. Daily Disciples is still on a national tour; NYC last week, Hawaii in a couple of weeks. Media 4 Women has a tremendous amount of interest; business that I am turning away at the moment. One day at a time. I didn’t see it coming. It’s all good. It’s a blessing beyond measure. But, I had no idea that God would answer my prayers in this manner. And, I’m learning a whole new area of trust and surrender. I can’t do it but God can. It’s been an incredible year.

I share all of this with the hope of encouraging you. I’ve been praying for Cornerstone for several years. It crashed hard around 2008 and we’ve struggled. But, God is faithful. The answer to my prayers is not exactly what I thought it would be but I am so thankful, regardless of my own concerns. You may be seeking answers, not sure what is coming. Look up and ask God to show you what is in front of your eyes. It may be something you’ve not considered or you may be missing the point entirely. I know that some of you reading this now have an answer in front of you. And, it’s good. It’s right. It’s you. Don’t worry about the details. Don’t disqualify yourself.

I’d love to hear your story of something that happened that you didn’t see coming. How did it work out? Where are you now? What are your desires and dreams?

Bobbye Brooks


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