Some Days I Just Want a Good Stack of Onion Rings

Do you ever have days where you just want ONE thing to make you smile or give you a break from reality? I have learned that God is so good to give us these little gifts, just when we need them the most. I have found mine—-Onion Rings. I feel a little silly sharing this deep, internal and shallow personal information but maybe it will inspire you to pick that ONE thing that makes you smile. It does not have to be food, but let’s face it, food is a great escape.

Please—before my healthy, personal trainer and nutrition friends start to lecture me on this terribly unhealthy passion—I try to keep my “onion ring addiction” in check. Addiction may be too strong of a word. Let’s just say that I can have several days in the month where these tasty little fried delights can wipe away a multitude of depressing thoughts, at least for the moment. I am currently compiling a list of my favorite locations in San Diego that have the BEST onion rings. I welcome your recommendations and will faithfully check out your suggestions. Coming from the South, everything was always dipped in ketchup, but I have discovered this incredible new dip that puts an even better flavor on my onion rings—-Ranch Dressing. Yum!

Do you have “little” things that you do to help your days? I would love to hear about them. And, please feel free to submit your onion ring ideas. My husband has started buying them for me…he knows when to heat up the oven or deep fryer. It’s the joy of the small things in life that can help us get through the difficult times: a smile, a kind word, a gift, or a heaping stack of steaming, perfectly cooked onion rings.

Bobbye Brooks

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