A Humbling Experience – Life Can Be Comical

As TL and I prepare for a major endeavor in 2014, hosting The Power of Friendship Conference in 18 cities with Salem Communications, we are working hard on getting the components together. We have a wonderful advantage in owning a marketing and media company, Media 4 Women, and are very comfortable with social media, blogs and videos. So, recording a few videos for the first conferences should not be a big deal. Well, as you will see in this video, it was incredibly difficult. We have literally recorded hundreds of videos, host “live” events via webcasting, conduct “live” television interviews and “live” radio shows. In other words, recording a one-minute video announcement is a no-brainer.  WRONG.

We spent over an hour, had to do numerous re-takes and argued with a dog that wouldn’t be quiet. I realized that I am a bit of a “pain in the butt” and TL is a really good sport. God has a way of humbling us and I guess we needed it because it was painful. I am sharing these video out takes because they are hilarious. If you have been afraid to do your own videos or just can’t get the words out, then this video will make you feel much better. It can be challenging for ONE person but for TWO people, it can be quite frustrating. Hope you enjoy and maybe have a laugh or two.

We hope to see you in a city near you in 2014. Check out the calendar and dates at www.FriendshipConference.com.

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