The Power of Saying “I Can Do It!”

It seems here lately that I have been on a “soapbox” of the power of our words and cautioning people around me to be careful of saying negative words, phrases and comments. I’ve started to notice how often people speak negatively, even harshly, about themselves. I don’t think we even realize how much we do it and how often we put ourselves down. If those words are coming out of our mouths, then they are coming from our thoughts. Most of the comments can be summarized into this phrase: “I can’t do it.”

Think of all of the excuses of why “you” can’t do something. Not enough time. Not enough money. No support. No education. Can’t learn it. It’s too hard. And, on and on it goes. How many times a day do you say out loud–“I can do it!”  Many of us say “yes, I will do it” but that is usually committing to something that we may or may not even have time to do. I’m talking about reaching goals that seem out of reach, dreams that we think are dead, or hopes that have been crushed. If you don’t believe you can do it, achieve it, make it and have it…then, who does? Who will make it happen? YOU!

For the Christians, I know what you are saying…God is my strength and only He can “do it” in my life. I have quoted the verse all of my life: “I can do all things Christ who strengthens me.” But, look at the words. It starts with “I”. We must be willing to step out and believe that we actually can DO it…whatever “IT” is that we are wanting to achieve. The power starts with saying the words “I can do…”

I have spent the last 4 years working so hard to learn HOW to actually make some residual income using the online world; affiliate marketing; selling online; network marketing; and many other similar programs. It has taken a lot of time and work and many prayers, but I have finally started to reap the rewards and see the results. I can actually, honestly say “I can do it!”. I can have financial freedom. I can make residual income, without working. I can make choices in freedom, not in desperation. Wow…what a GREAT place to be!

How did I do it? Honestly, regardless of all of the work, strategies, efforts, time, etc., the most important thing I have done is BELIEVE that I can (in my thoughts) and speak positively with my words that I can achieve my goals. Yes, I pray and yes, I lean on the Lord’s guidance BUT I must be the one to keep going, not quitting and most of all, NOT putting myself down when I fail or have a bad day.

So, now, I want to help you DO IT! I want to share with you what I have learned and hopefully, help you avoid the mistakes I made. I want to encourage you, empower you and motivate you. I want to teach you and train you on HOW to achieve your goals. I am offering FREE seminars and FREE webinars and I want to reach as many people as possible. Are you ready to go forward? Are you ready to DO IT? I know you can. It’s contagious…let’s get infected with positivity.

Join me and let’s achieve the dreams, visions, hopes and goals that are on our hearts. The San Diego seminar is FREE and you can register here. The webinars are FREE and you can choose your time HERE.

Find me on Facebook and let’s be FRIENDS.

You Can Do It!

Bobbye Brooks

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