Online Marketing Strategies

I have been doing and working in Online Marketing for several years now. Tonilee and I started out by learning how to promote our events using social media and online advertising. From there, I have studied and trained with the programs of the best companies out there, the people who have made millions online and who have continued to remain on the cutting edge. I truly love the technology and the creativity of all that is happening on a daily basis. What is tough is the fact that many businesses are falling behind in developing some form of online marketing strategy.

At Media 4 Women Enterprises, I work with companies to create and execute a measurable strategic marketing plan. Every company is unique in its products or services, which requires a customized approach to their online marketing strategies. Many businesses have adopted at least a social media approach at some level, such as a Facebook page. But, as I evaluate their Facebook pages, more often than not, I notice glaring pitfalls in their postings. I find that most people/businesses are more concerned about how often they post something, instead of “what” they are posting. The content is the most important component of their activity. For example, every post or status update should have a link back to their website or landing page, something as a “call to action.” It doesn’t have to be “sale-sy” but should be linked to something. On the other side, I see some Facebook pages where the company links their posts to every possible page but their own.

Think strategy. Use social media and online activities to promote your business. Tell your audience who you are, why you do what you do, and why you care. Post pictures of your team or your business. Reward your followers with discounts, special offers and coupons. Create promotions, sweepstakes and giveaways. Again, it should be strategic and measurable. If it’s not working, try something else. Keep the content updated, fresh and relevant…and keep it flowing consistently.

One final tip: Every business can make money online, outside of selling your own products and services. But, sadly, very few are taking advantage of the overwhelming opportunities to share in the massive $292 Million dollars per day spent by online shoppers. The key is your website. Is it revenue optimized? Is it making money for you? If not, let’s talk. Call me 800.992.0369 or email

Some of my favorite businesses who are helping others succeed.


The 10K Platinum Group Coaching Program teaches you HOW to make money and grow your business. My highest recommendation.

Traffic Geyser has every tool possible to help you succeed. They have helped countless businesses, including mine.

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