The WIN: Women’s Information Network

I am so super excited to announce that Tonilee Adamson and myself have joined forces with the fastest growing women’s network in the world, the WIN. I am coming on board as Chief Operations Officer and Tonilee is now Chief Communications Officer. We have spent the last 10 years on a mission to help women in all areas of life and now we are expanding our mission by partnering with a global women’s network, already in 152 countries. The Win ( is a massive, world wide network of women, from all backgrounds.

What does the WIN offer women? Just about anything and everything a woman could want. There are dozens of programs available to teach and train women how to achieve their goals; from becoming a “highly paid speaker” to “writing your book in 90 days” to ” solutions for families” and much, much more. The Global Women’s Summits are currently being held in 152 countries, where women are hosting one-day women’s conferences based upon the WIN principles….women helping women. Check out for more information.

Ladies, this is for you. The WIN will be offering programs that are truly a “Win-Win”, helping you to become whoever and whatever you desire. Get involved. We are here to help you and answer any questions. Consider attending a 3-day event in Las Vegas, September 10-12, where we will train you for 3 days on all of the WIN programs, specifically the Global Women’s Summits, E-TV Programs and Show Hosts, and learning how to make money online. You will learn how to make your money back from just attending this event, not to mention all of the other benefits.

Join me and Tonilee…let’s make a difference and help women help each other across the globe.

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