Something I Am Checking Out…

I must admit it. I am an online fanatic. I spend as much time as I can studying the Internet marketing and online activities. One reason I do this is to keep up with Google and Facebook changes. Running a media and marketing company requires an intense attention to changes that can affect our clients marketing results. Most everything I learn I can apply to help our clients grow their businesses successfully and profitably. For fun, though, I am addicted to learning how to actually sell other people’s products or services online.

I love the Traffic Geyser team. They have basically taught me most of what I know today. Traffic Geyser really helped start our Media 4 Women business. Last month, our business was featured in their newsletter.  I also appreciate some of the other guys out there who are credible, good teachers and proven successful. The latest guy I am checking out is Anthony Morrison. He has an interesting video out that shows him visiting people’s houses in person to help them. His program is also super cheap to try, so I am testing it out. Will post updates later. Click Here!

Be sure and sign up for our upcoming seminar on Thursday May 17 from 6pm to 9pm pst. We are video taping the seminar, so if you miss it, just order the video. I will be teaching and training you how to make some extra money just using your computer and an Internet connection. It works if you learn HOW to do a few things effectively. Check it out HERE.

To your success…Bobbye Brooks

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